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. fast moving wildfire breaks out. it's caused a big traffic back up on highway one. >> thousands of people celebrate marijuana as word come that proposition 19 has a good chance of passing. >> a federal judge today refuses a california inmate's request to stop his execution next week. >> despite the familiar devastation in san bruno there was reason to celebrate as
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neighbor reached out to help neighbor. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2news at six. >> good evening. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. we start with break news in the north bay. we want to show you a live picture of a fast burning grass fire that has closed parts of highway one near bodega and valley ford. from these live pictures you can see most of the flames have been knocked down but there is still smoke in the area and we understand its causing a big traffic back up that the chp has shut down highway one. the fire started shortly after 12:30 on the out skirts of bo dega. residents raced to safety as flames threatened their homes aim call for help went out and cal fire thought the fire was about 75 acres, about three hours after that first call. stands of trees fueled the flames. one firefighter was hurt after
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apparently touching a hot power line. his condition is unknown. will no word of other injuries. you can see several vehicles were burned, helicopters made water drops as ground crews put water on the fire. traffic was snarled as deputies and the highway patrol diverted traffic away from the fire. firefighters also battling a 15 to 20-acre wildfire in n apa valley. two miles east of saint helena in napa. we will keep you posted on these fires as more information comes in. >> the push to legalize marijuana here in california is picking up steam. a new poll shows despite warnings from state leaders about proposition 19's devastating effects, voters are supporting it. we are live now with more on this new poll. >> reporter: the smell of marijuana has been going into the air all day here in daley
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city. ♪ [ music ] the expo has everything for the. pipes of all shapes and sizes, growing materials and a security system that may more closely look like a giant bong. >> part one of -- and part two is. >> reporter: thousands came here to celebrate medicinal marijuana. >> i'm worried about the patients who need it. >> reporter: now a new poll shows that proposition 19 which would fully legalize marijuana is likely to pass in november with 49% of voters supporting it and 42% opposed. >> big differences by age. younger voters more supportive than older. >> reporter: surprisingly we talked to more who oppose proposition 19 here than support it. since i read it -- i sat
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down and read it i don't feel good about it. i think there are thing that need to be worked out. >> i think in the end it's bad for the grower and it's bad for the patient as well. it should be kept medical until we now how to regulate it. >> reporter: ron allen from the coalition came to argue against the measure. >> we clearly understand that addiction will take a huge up swing among the youth. >> reporter: the california police chief's association is using similar arguments. >> marijuana is a mind altering drug. it does things to people. more people are going to smoke it if it passes, more will be driving under the influence. >> reporter: there is plenty of support for marijuana. >> probation didn't work. you sell a far more dangerous drug in bars than on the corner. >> reporter: mark from the field poll says passing of the proposition will depend on
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voter turn out. live in daley city. >> two other new field polls were released today. one shows proposition 23 losing 45% to 34%. that proposition would suspend a new law that requires reduced green house gas emissions. proposition 25 which would change the vote required in sacramento to pass the state budget from a two thirds majority to a simple majority is a head. 46% to 30%. that has dropped since july when 65% of those surveyed supported it. >> a plea from a death row inmate scheduled to die next week hasn't swayed the judge who just allowed executions to resume in california. the convicted murder and rapist albert brown asked the judge to reconsider his decision saying the judge lacks information about california's lethel injection process. today the judge said no. the execution wednesday morning will be the first in the new
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death chamber. brown has a choice of a three drug mix or one dose for his execution. pedestrian is in critical condition after being struck in a hit and run accident early this morning in oakland. the crash happened shortly after 2:30 a.m. in the 2100 block of international boulevard. investigators say they believe the pedestrian wasn't in the cross walk when it happened. the vehicle was speeding this it hit the victim and then drove away the unidentitied person was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. no arrests have been made. >> a wild 45-mile car chase through several bay area cities ended with a driver being arrested. it started about one in fairfield on westbound interstate 80. we caught up with the chase when the driver and highway patrol officers crossed the bridge between vallejo and crockett. they put out spike strips near pow el street and emoryville.
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despite flat tires the chase continued over the bay bridge. the driver then took the fremont exit where he crashed into a barrier and was taken into custody on a variety of charges. a three alarm fire in san jose early today destroyed a home. flames broke out around midnight in the house at 1475 newport avenue. it took more than six hours for firefighters to control the fire by then the house was gutted. investigators say flames appear to have started in a shed at the back of the house and then spread to the second floor and roof. all six people inside that house escaped with no injuries. >> san bruno residents came together to offer support to the victims of the pipeline explosion and fire. ken pritchett has details in this live report. >> reporter: right now we are at the scene of that explosion. you can see the neighborhood behind us. this is day three of the clean up effort. there is very little activity going on right now but those
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clean up crews were very busy on this saturday. this devastated neighborhood is obviously a quiet place but there was a different feel across town. >> raffle. >> reporter: they sold raffle tickets, sweets. >> $20 for a cup cake? >> that works. >> reporter: and t-shirts. this afternoon the park was the scene of a celebration born from the disaster. it was organized by holly and jennifer. >> the outpouring of love that everybody showed and the families, everybody wants to be here and be a part of it. >> reporter: they had schedule scheduled a fundraiser for today supporting brain cancer research. jennifer's mother died of it. >> then the explosion happened and we decided we needed to rally together. >> reporter: they say in such a small community many people
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have ties to the devastated neighborhood either director through friends. >> you know my house was up there that i grew up and this those are all my neighbors,. >> reporter: they say all of the money raised will be given to the san bruno fire victims to help them rebuild. >> you know the pain is still there. a lot of people still sorting through their lives. >> reporter: a state senator attended the fundraiser and has pending legislation that extends state tax exception u.s. es to homeowners who lost their house in the fire. >> i feel particularly bad for those individuals who are kind of right in the middle of -- they don't loose it totally but they aren't green tagged so they are sort of in that never never land about should i rebuild or not or tear it down. >> reporter: the women behind this event say it's more than just a fundraiser. it also is a reminder that the pain and recovery of the explosion will last a long
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time. >> still need help. >> reporter: the fundraiser wraps up at seven tonight. no word on how much monday write was raised. as for the cheap clean up effort the goal set by the county was to have the neighborhood cleared of debris by mid-october . ken pritchett. >> sheriff's investigators have released a description of a man they are calling a person of interest in a rape case. the attack happened september 16th at the park regency apartments near walnut creek. detectives say they would like to speak with a man who went door to door soliciting carpet cleaning services. he is a white man, 6 six feet tall with a full beard. he had jeans, a short sleeve shirt and a hooded sweatshirt. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> a first of it's kind program today gave people here in the bay area a safeway to
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get rid of unwanted prescriptions. i a bin was set up in the oakland police headquarters. dea response soared. prescription drug abuse is on the rice. in addition they say flushing pills or throwing them away can contaminate the environment. volunteers including the east bay father of a teen who suffered cardiac arrest during a basketball game helped screen people today for heart problems. the group offered discounted ekg tests at a high school. back in february a 15-year-old collapsed during a game at that same school from sudden cardiac arrest.
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he survived. his father said it's important for everybody to get screened. >> children have to have their hearts tested, checked hot more because if david had a screening like this he wouldn't have had to go through all the pain and suffering he has had to go through. >> the fire department gave classes in cpr at the school today. doctors say quick delivery of cpr when david collapsed helped save his life. >> a new study by the cdc finds one if five gay and bisexual men in united states has hiv and almost half don't know it. researchers found 19% of the male responders would said they had sex with other men are hiv positive and 44% of those men are unaware of it. officials say it shows more must be done to convince people to get tested. ten states have filed a brief in the court avenue peals opposing same sex marriage. according to a wyoming brief it
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says the federal court exceeded its authority when it ruled the congress requires legal marriage to include same sex couples. it says states, not federal courts should be deciding the legalness of same sex marriage. the states involve reasonable doubt wyoming, alabama, florida, idaho, indiana, louisiana, michigan, south carolina, utah and virginia. >> fears of a bomb prompt a plane to make a emergency landing. where it landed and why authorities believe it was in danger. >> why a poll says many americans disappointed with health care reform legislation. . >> the first weekend of fall and it felt like summer. will sunday continue the trend of warmer weather? will that sea breeze and fog make it back?
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. in sweden a plane made an emergency landing after a tip that a passenger was allegedly carrying explosives. 273 people were evacuated and the plane searched. the male passenger was released after searchers found in explosives. police say the caller who may have had a grudge against the man may face charges of making a false report. in haiti a sudden powerful system blew through the capitol. the weather is blamed for five deaths and hundreds of injuries. more than a million are still in tent cities after january's 7.0 quake. rebuilding is slow because pledges of aid have stalled. >> officials launches last
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minute efforts to prevent peace talks collapses. as a promise from israel to stop building in the west bank is set to expire. we have the latest. >> reporter: it's come down to the wire. the secretary of state has been meeting israeli and palestine officials to reach some sort of compromise over the settlement freeze. nothing has been agreed to so far. clinton met with the defense administrator, officials have said they can't extend the freeze which has been in place for ten months. united states officials have been urging israel to extend it. palatine ans say they will drop out of the talks that only started earlier this month if construction continues. today in the west bank clashes took place between anti settlement protesters and the israeli military. they are calling on a boycott of all settlement products. the israeli military also arrested a photographer. he said he was asked to step back and wasn't given the
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chance to do it before being beaten by israeli soldiers. . fox news. >> an american astronaut landed on the other side of the world after months on the space station. >> trayy caldwell dison back on earth. >> she returned with two c others. they had a perfect landing. up in space they had to wait a day after the first undocking from failed. engineers say cooperation among russia and united states teams worked to fix it. cooperation will be important later this year when nasa ends the shuttle program. >> a new poll released today suggests a number of americans wish the health care reform
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bill went further. a survey by the associated press in partnership with stan toward found 40% said the law was to conversative. among those that want it to go further. nearly 70% support requiring larger businesses to cover their employees or pay a fine. researchers came to the findings after interviewing 1250 adults earlier this month. beautiful summer like weather up and down the california coast greeted tens of thousands of volunteers today who helped clean up beaches and waterways. in oakland the event is called creeks to bay day and has clean up location. a group of high school students cleaned this morns. >> we heard we were doing beach clean up we were white sandy beaches and it's not, it's rocks and big items and chip bags and shoes and random items that people just litter. >> statewide the california coastal commission hoped to
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break last year's figures of almost 90,000 volunteers who picked up over one million pounds of trash. >> the high temperatures today prompted air quality officials to declare today and tomorrow a spare the air day around the bay area. the hot weather combined live winds contributed to poor air quality. the bay area air quality management district said those who breathing problems adviced to limit outdoor activities on days like today. >> it's certainly warm out there. check in with steve paulson who is filling in. >> yes we do have a temperature band that was in the 90s for many including downtown san francisco that hit 91 and we are still in the 70s and 80s. you can see on live storm tracker two. fog is way out there but the big story was the warm weather. still 90 santa rosa.
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sfo at 80, many other locations. outside right now we are looking at a hazy sky but skies clear. even on the coast its clear. san jose now 86 after a high of 94. coming down pretty fast. temperatures today, if you thought it was hot it was. san francisco, there is there 91. santa cruz 95. oakland 92. danville 95, morgan hill and santa rosa, concord 93. temperatures were hot. we still continue with 70s by the coast. in the 90s tomorrow. inland, maybe close to 100 by monday. elevated fire dangers up there. spare the air day. clear tonight. could be a few patches of fog. a mild night but if you are heading over the coast of the city city that these has picked up. it's staying way to the north but it's bringing in a little bit of fog. it'll be shallow. it'll go parallel to the coast but right by the coast. temperatures will cool off.
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92 santa rosa, palo alto at 90. san jose state 91. 90 for reno. palm springs 105. that system is weak but it'll deepen and it'll fire the high back up on monday. clear tonight. then maybe a westerly breeze over by the coast. that's about it. it'll be calm inland. nice to hot on sunday. patchy fog could go right there parallel to the coast by tomorrow. again its very shallow. nice hot sunday. maybe just a degree or two cooler, about the same. monday ramp it up one more day and then the fog starts to creep back and then it'll come back and we will be back to normal. >> thank you. >> a bill aimed at making california ski slopes safer is a proved in sacramento but hear why it didn't become law.
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. the governor this weekend signed a bill requiring helmets for young skiers and snow boarders but it won't happen because the governor vetoed a com panon billt. was linked to a bill that required resorts to prepare
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yearly safety plans. the governor vete oed that bill saying would have put a unnecessary burden on ski resort operators. >> too tim talk football and stanford really impresses a lot of people. >> they are for real. offense and defense. when you beat notre dame it may not have the same impact it did a few years ago but if you haven't won at south bend since 1992 then you still get fired up about facing those fighting irish. stanford lost seven straight at notre dame but the cardinal has a super quarterback. he sees the blitz. flips the touchdown pass, the 16-yard touchdown. stanford led 19-6 after three. in to the end zone. cardinals on their way to thinker first 4-0 season. they also play defense in 13 seconds later they make the
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interception. he scores on offense and defense. have you to like that. stanford wins 37-14. first place giants in mile heiden very right now and all the complaints about juiced balls there. that's much to do about nothing. giant starters with the half game lead in the nl west. down 2-1 in the third. torres stepped up. he just had surgery 12 days ago but belts his homer off hamels. two batters later huff, 26 home run of the season. sanchez's homer and three solos give san francisco the lead now in the 4th inning. padres and reds tied in the bottom of the 9th. fire baller, chatman facing -- that ball goes right under the glove of cincinnati third baseman scott roland. racing from first close but he -- the padres beat the reds 4- 3. san diego now currently tied for first place pending the
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giant's outcome. the a's try to pile the rangers but texas gets the playoff spot with cantu homers for the first time since he was traded in july. rangers win and what a sweet moment for ron washington. he leads texas to the postseason for the first time in that franchise's history since 99. >> and san jose wins over toronto. >> thank you. >> coming up tonight at ten, firefighters deal with the flames and heat today in the north bay. it wasn't either of those that sent a firefighter to the hospital. we will have the full story for you tonight at ten. that's the report for now. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. for all of us here, thank you for joining us. the next newscast at ten. home to see you then. good night. >> good good night.
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